Happiness… at work!

Is happiness at work a contradiction in terms?

Last month, I had the opportunity to discuss this question with a group of smart and inspiring members of the Young Professionals in Foreign Policy. I gave them a workshop about happiness at work.

It’s a pity I had to focus on my own parts in leading the workshop so much that I didn’t make detailed notes about their questions and comments. They made me realise how many people are struggling to determine what a good workplace is for them – and if they aren’t better off elsewhere. But I also found out that virtually everybody is able to point at something they love about their work.

I remember the inspiring answers I got when asking what made my guests happy at their work place. Answers included:

  • Working together with great colleagues and friends (by far the most common answer!)
  • Having a purpose or meaning
  • Doing something in a field I am passionate about
  • Developing and using skills that I want to work on
  • Making a difference day-to-day
  • Using my creativity
  • Being independent

My own answer to the question? Moments of flow!

Are you interested to invite me for a speech or workshop on happiness at work or another topic related to happiness? Just get in touch at jasper [at] forastateofhappiness.com.

You can access the presentation here:

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