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My newsletter is back!

When I went for my ‘blogging sabbatical‘ in August 2016, I put my newsletter on hold.

Now I am back with fresh energy and ideas, and the newsletter is a great place to share some things that are not yet on the blog. To sign up, please fill the form here.

Few promises from my side: you won’t get emails more often than every six to eight weeks, and can unsubscribe anytime. And of course: no spam! That would be a waste of time for both of us.

Ready for a little dose of happiness straight to your mailbox? Leave me your details!


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The second newsletter is out

The second newsletter is out!

The newsletter of the blog is called ‘A Little Dose of Happiness’, and wants to do exactly that: ship a little dose of happiness, straight to your inbox.

If you missed it, drop me a line. And of course, you can subscribe to the newsletter here.


A screenshot of (part of) the second edition:

Picture 2

My newsletter is out!

My first newsletter is out! I’ve titled it ‘A Little Dose of Happiness’, and that is exactly what I want to do every six weeks: provide you with a little dose of happiness, directly in your mailbox. If you missed the first one, write me at jasper.bergink -at- gmail.com and I’ll send you a copy.

You can subscribe to the newsletter here


A screenshot of (part of) the first edition:

FSH newsletter